The Other Rome

IQPlanner Team
6 окт
The eternal city could be explored eternally! Even if you’ve seen the Coliseum, Vatican City and the Trevi Fountain there’s still enough places left to keep you occupied for weeks or even years.


Leonardo da Vinci International Airport, Fiumicino offers free Wi-Fi. You can access broadband on your mobile, laptop or tablet for 30 minutes.

It’s time for a walk!

Caesar Cats 

The ruins where Caesar was killed has become a favourite place for hundreds of cats to lounge and rest.

Gladiator School 

Find out what it takes to be an ancient Roman gladiator at the Gladiator School of Rome. During a hands-on lesson with instructors you will learn how to fight with authentic weapons of the time while wearing a traditional gladiator tunic and belt. Located on the Appian Way not far from the Colosseum, Gladiator class is a unique and interactive way to learn about ancient Roman history, sports and culture.

2000-year old pyramid 

The Pyramid was built by Emperor Aurelian as a tomb for a magistrate Gaius Cestius. It is of brick-faced concrete covered with slabs of white marble, measuring 100 Roman feet (29.6 m) square at the base and standing 125 Roman feet (37 m) high.

The Popess' shrine 

Believe it or not there was a female pope, and it’s worth a visit to the shrine dedicated to the legend of Pope Joan.

Capuchin crypt 

These are tiny chapels of the Catholic order of Capuchin decorated with the bones of 3,700 monks.

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