The Other Paris

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The fastest and cheapest way to get to the city centre from the airport is on the blue line of the RER subway to stations Gare Du Nord and Chatelet. (11.75 euro).

It is time for a walk!

Napoleon's hat 

Paris’ first café where young Napoleon couldn’t pay for his meal and left his hat as collateral. It’s still there!

Old School Cabaret 

While the Moulin Rouge is much more of a tourist attraction these days, this is the place to feel the real cabaret spirit.

The Kingdom of Bones 

The perfect Halloween destination with a curious display of bones in tunnels underneath the city. 

Art Fridge

A former refrigerated warehouse which was squatted by artists 50 years ago. Today you can see exhibitions and performances from over 200 craftsmen.

From Dracula to Blade 

The macabre collection of Jacques Sirgent, an expert scholar who researched vampirism, the esoteric and eastern folklore.

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