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3 days to explore and fall in love with the city of Kazan! Find out more about what Kazan has to offer in food, music, fashion, art and architecture.

Kazan’s transport network includes buses, trolleys and underground. Kazan’s network runs till 23:00, subway – to 00:00. The cost of a single ride on all transport routes is 25 rubles. For more information about routes and transport schedules, visit kazan.rusavtobus.ru. You can also use local services such as Taxi Tatarstan, which is connected to TapTaxi, as well as Uber and Yandex Taxi.

Breakfast in Agafredo coffee house  

Energise your day with a glass of fresh juice at Agafredo Coffee House. 

The Kazan Kremlin 

The Kazan Kremlin is the spiritual, political, and cultural heart of Kazan and the whole republic. It’s no wonder then that visitors usually begin their travels in Tatarstan from the white walls of the Kazan Kremlin. Here, in the former governor’s palace, is the residence of the President of the Republic. A short distance away you can find the ancient Blagoveshchensky Cathedral and Qolşärif Mosque, the latter being a symbol of the revival of Islam. Here you can see what has remained in Kazan since the khan period: a burial-vault of the Kazan khans and the mysterious leaning Suyumbike Tower. In 2000, the Kazan Kremlin was added to the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites as a unique monument of Russian and Tatar architecture.

The Kremlin Embankment 

The main embankment in Kazan is an ideal place to walk along the Kazanka River while admiring the Kazan Kremlin. There’s also a wonderful merry-go-round that’s popular with kids as well as adults. Before the New Year, a Fairy Town appears where you can meet Ded Moroz (the Russian version of Santa Claus), study in an elf school, and go ice-skating on the seasonal skating rink.

The Soviet Lifestyle Museum 

The Soviet (Socialist) Lifestyle Museum is a unique place where you can travel back in time to the 1970s and 1980s. It’s an authentic communal apartment in a building constructed in the middle of the 19th century with the brick walls, old wiring, and cast-iron radiators. Many exhibitions like The USSR from space, The Toys Made in the USSR, Feminine Beauty in the Soviet Union, Jeans as a Cult, A Pioneer of the Soviet Land, Bad Habits in the USSR, The Hall of Rock 'n' Roll Fame, and many others correspond to the theme of the museum.

Staro-Tatarskaya Sloboda village 

To get a real feel of Kazan, be sure to visit the Staro-Tatarskaya Sloboda village located between the Nizhny Kaban Lake and Bolaq Canal. Until 1917, this village was a social and religious center for the Tatar citizens. Admire the ornate wooden and stone houses. Visit the Gabdulla Tukay Literary Museum that is located in a castle-like ‘Shamil’s House’. Visit ancient mosques, like Aponayevskaya Mosque, Yunusovskaya Mosque, Blue Mosque, and, of course, Al-Marjani Mosque — the first stone mosque built since the time of Ivan the Terrible.

National dinner in the Tatarskaya Usadba (Tatar Manor) 

After a full day of sightseeing, enjoy a traditional dinner in the authentic Tatarskaya Usadba restaurant. All the dishes are cooked in wood burning ovens, meaning it’s succulent and fragrant. Chefs aren’t only limited to Tatar dishes, but can also cook other dishes on request. 

Island-town Sviyazhsk 

Where the Sviyaga River meets the Volga River is Sviyazhsk, an island town where the past is not covered with dust and history lives. In 1551, the wooden fortress of Sviyazhsk was founded on the orders of Ivan the Terrible. It served as a base for the Russian forces during the fifth and final siege of Kazan that ended with the conquest of the city and collapse of the Khanate of Kazan. Only Troitskaya Church, the first orthodox temple in the land of Tatarstan, remains. To dive even deeper into the past, you can visit the workshops where real blacksmiths, tanners, potters, and wood carvers work. The skilled craftsmen create not just beautiful items, but they also symbolize the link of time and the continuity of traditions.

Lunch in the restaurant of Traktir 

The restaurant Traktir is located in the Horse yard on Uspenskaya street. Its main hall is decorated in an old Russian style. The Tavern menu is a combination of Russian, European and Tatar cuisine. Guests can sample borscht in bread, Sviyazhskaya Ukha (fish soup), hand-made dumplings and Vareniki. If that’s not enough, try the baked chicken breast with tomatoes and cheese, Kulebyaka, chicken pie, chak-chak (fried honey cake), pancakes and many others. 

Raifa Monastery of the Mother of God 

Raifa Monastery of the Mother of God was founded in 1613 by the monk Filaret, who was searching for solitude. In 1661, the building was given the status of monastery with its main shrine as the copy of the Georgian Icon of the Mother of God.

The Temple of All Religions 

The creator, Ildar Khanov, designed the temple not for religious exercise, but as a museum and cultural center for spiritual unity. After visiting the temple where the Orthodox Cross borders the Crescent and the Star of David, you can walk from the hall of Buddha to the Catholic hall. It’s only then that you begin to realise how diverse and, at the same time, inclusive, all cultures and civilisations are.

Ferris wheel ‘Around the World’ 

‘Around the World’ is a new ferris wheel in the Kazan Riviera entertainment complex and is open all year round. All 36 passenger capsules are sealed and air-conditioned.

Each capsule is devoted to the world’s greatest cities such as Paris, London, Rome and Moscow as symbols of the world community. There are also capsules dedicated to Russian cities: Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, Sviyazhsk and Bolgar. This means everyone can have an beautiful view of the 1000-year old capital of Tatarstan 36 times by travelling in a different capsule.

‘Around the World’ is 65 metres high, making it a great viewing point to see Kazan. To capture the best of the city, each capsule has 2 small windows at the side for you to take your pictures.

Kazan Riviera Aquapark  

The Kazan Riviera is Russia’s largest water park and one of the biggest in Central Asia. There are over 50 different attractions suitable for all ages, with zones for adults and zones for children. The Kazan water park ticket is not limited to just the rides, but also includes a chance to visit the Spa zone which offers a Finnish sauna, a Turkish sauna, jacuzzi, and massage. Diving fans can go scuba diving in the specially designed pool. The park also has an aqua bar, lobby bar, sushi bar, and fast food restaurant . The Kazan Riviera is a year-round entertainment complex and consists of an under-the-open-sky zone, available from May to September, and the covered zone, available throughout the whole year. If that’s not enough, there’s also, an open-air, heated pool available for visitors, even in the cold months of the year.

Dinner in the Extra Lounge  

The Extra Lounge is a club restaurant with a picturesque, panoramic view of Kazan from the 25th floor of the Korston Tower. The Extra Lounge is an ideal place for any meeting format: business breakfasts and lunches, romantic dinners, and parties. The Extra Lounge offers great views of the city, given its title as the tallest restaurant in Kazan. The menu is unique in that it includes dishes from the most diverse cuisines in the world.

Morning coffee in Gorky Park 

Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure is the oldest park of Kazan. Because of its peculiarities of the landscape, it was called the Russian Switzerland. Among the main attractions, here are century-old trees, numerous curious squirrels and a light and music fountain. After walking around, enjoy a cup of morning coffee in the Uragan Saray coffee house. We recommend you try the specialty coffee (‘selected coffee’), which has been processed on small plantations and fried with special technology.

The V. I. Lenin House-museum is one of the oldest museums in our region. It’s located in the wing of the former house of the Orlovs, which was built in the 1870s, in the historical part of Kazan. Here the Ulyanov family lived from 1888-1889 in a rented apartment on their return from the village Kokushkino, the place of the first exile of V. I. Lenin.

Lyadsky garden

In the center of Kazan is a compact and cozy park called the Lyadskoy garden. The park has everything you’d expect: green areas, paved paths, comfortable benches, a fountain and a children’s playground.

Explore the park and enjoy the beauty of the city’s historical and cultural center. Here you will find the monument dedicated to G. R. Derzhavin on the side facing Gorky street.

A few steps from the park will bring you to the excellent Truffo Bakery and Confectionery and Marusovka restaurant.

Lunch in Marusovka 

The area next to the Lyadsky Garden was once known as the party point of Kazan, with Russian writer Maxim Gorky calling it a ‘strange and cheerful slum’. Today there’s a restaurant bar called Marusovka. Everyone is welcome here: parents with children, young couples and, of course, party lovers. Live music, closeness to nature and an excellent cuisine will help you to reboot after a busy day. 

Kazan Federal University 

Kazan Federal University (KFU) is one of the nine universities of national standing in Russia. Founded in 1804, today KFU is the oldest Russian university after its Moscow counterpart.

The university is not just an educational institution, but part of an important stratum of Russian history and cultural heritage. Within the 200 years of its history, the university campus grew into a proper architectural complex: new buildings, wings and even closets were regularly constructed. However, not one of the new buildings can compare to the main campus in the center of Kazan, located along Kremlevskaya Street.

City Panorama exhibition complex 

The City Panorama exhibition and entertainment complex, is a modern interactive unit about the city of Kazan’s 1000-year history. Information about the city is represented in the form of multimedia exhibits, detailed city-planning models of XVI, XVIII, XXI centuries, projection shows, animation, virtual and added reality devices, and many other breathtaking expositions.

Theatres for everyone  

Kazan is the center of cultural life, and there are theatres that cater for all tastes: opera and ballet theater of Musa Dzhalil, the Kazan academic Russian Bolshoi Drama Theatre of V.I. Kachalov, the Galiaskar Kamal Tatar Academic Theatre, or Youth Theater on Str. Bulak. You can buy tickets online, and we recommend you to do so in advance.

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