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The Dominican Republic with its azure beaches and clear ocean leaves a truly magical impression, especially when you go there from cold country.

Hotel Riu Republica

We stayed at this hotel where everything is included. On the territory there is a sauna, spa salon, several swimming pools, a fitness room, on the beach there are umbrellas from palm branches (that is important as other hotels haven't it or very little). The food was very tasty and varied. In addition to the buffet, there are 3 other restaurants on site which served Asian, Italian and European cuisine. Barmen are always ready to make a cocktail for you according to your own recipe. All alcohol and cocktails are already included in the price. The hotel administration took care of the health of its guests and organized yoga and dance lessons on its territory. In the evenings there are varied small cultural programs.

Buggy cars

Who chooses the Dominican Republic as a vacation destination is definitely a beach lover but if you are tired of playing in the seal on the beach during 8 hours you can pick up a couple of interesting excursions to your taste. We did so and I will tell you about those of them that I personally visited. Racing on the local so-called buggies which represent themselves is something between the racing car and the quads. In my opinion, the year when it has been manufactured, was a two century ago so we rode with the expectation that the next turn will be for this super machine the last one. And its added an adrenaline to what was happening.

Saona Island

Be sure to take an excursion to the island of Saone which is famous for its paradise landscapes. And this is not a joke, the sand is almost white and the color of water excites in the light's receptors the areas which in the usual life rarely function. On the way, you will take a drive on a fast boat and on the way back you will be on a leisurely catamaran where club music will play, everyone will be treated with drinks from the bar and sooner or later all will begin to dance imitating local personnel who will happily teach some simple dance movements.

Dolphins and others

For diving enthusiasts, there are also diving schools which will show in all colours the magic world of the Caribbean Sea. If you do not like to bother with dive equipment take a tour of the sea bottom in a glass helmet. You, of course, will look ridiculous, like an astronaut in a swimsuit but you will be able to see the fish very closely. The same excursion includes bathing with rays and ... sharks. Do not let this frighten you, the sharks are sleeping there in the daytime, they will not eat you but you can swim near and be scared (especially impressionable ones)))). Most of all I remember from this sea cruise the kiss of the sea lion. As a bonus for those who will participate in this excursion, under the guidance of experienced trainers, the lion lean to their cheeks by a very gentle and soft muzzle. Children and adults were delighted.

Santo Domingo

If you want to be cultured then take the excursion to the capital of Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo. Much will not be shown to you but if you are lucky you will ride like we did by the local open mini-train through all the streets and the guide tell the brightest moments of the history of this city and the country as well.

Excursion on a catamaran

Dolphins, seafood, and tanned Dominicans more assured you that this beautiful country can give you an unforgettable experience for every taste and color.

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