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Gagra is a town in Abkhazia, spreading out for 5 km on the northeast coast of the Black Sea, at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains. Its subtropical climate made Gagra a popular resort for Russian.

Modern Gagra is a cozy resort, famous for its picturesque promenades and parks, drowning in the greenery of flowers, palms, and cypresses. A delightful feature of Gagra is that the mountains here come close to the coast, skirting the beaches with bright vegetation.

The modern name of Gagra, according to some researchers, comes from the name of the ancient Abkhazian clan Gagaa, who lived in these places.

The history of Gagra as a resort is inextricably linked with the name of the Prince of Oldenburg (akin to the Russian Tsar Nicholas II). The prince visited here in 1899 and planned to turn Gagra into a Russian Monte Carlo.The Prince built a palace, villas and mansions, gambling houses and cozy gazebos along the seacoast, he laid the magnificent Seaside Park.

New Athos

New Athos or Akhali Atoni is a town in the Gudauta raion of Abkhazia, situated some 50 mins to drive from Gagra. It is the jewel in the crown of Abkhazia. You can see a large number of interesting sights exactly here. Visitors to New Athos first set foot in a gorgeous park lush with subtropical plants and ponds a swim with swans.

The New Athos Monastery is glittering thanks to its domes, the central temple which was built in honor of St. Panteleimon, the Healer. The current monastery is interesting not only for religious people but also for tourists, who are eager to know some curious information about ancient architecture and painting. Everyone can enter the monastery and admire the decorations.

New Athos Cave

The giant cave system, located inside of Mount Iberia, was known to locals before it was discovered by the world at large in 1961 when it was named after the nearby town.

For most of its known existence, the New Athos Cave was simply called the “Bottomless Pit” but it has now been revealed to in fact have limits to its depths, but they are so vast that a metro train was built to traverse them.

Lake Ritsa

Its a Pearl of Abkhazia. The lake Ritsa is the most known and popular among tourists place of rest and one of the nature's miracles of Abkhazia. It is located at a height of 950 meters above sea level and surrounded from different sides by mountains, covered with a dense forest. It was formed as a result of tectonic lowering of the Lashipse River valley on a joint of two geological structures. Lake length is about 2000 m, and maximal depth is 750 m. Five rivers fall into Ritsa Lake besides Lashipse and only one river Jupshara flows from the lake. Water never freezes in the lake; the maximal water temperature is registered in August and makes +17 - +20 degrees.


The city of Sukhum is the capital of the Republic of Abkhazia and one of the oldest cities in the world.

Sukhum is the administrative, political and cultural center of Abkhazia and also the main transport and industrial hub of the country. Its architectural identity formed mainly in the 19th-20th centuries. Major manufacturers and merchants as well as members of the intelligentsia built their houses, villas, hotels each in its own style and thus formed the architectural appearance of the city. During the war with Georgia of 1992-1993, Sukhum was invaded by the Georgian army and suffered major losses in course of the battles. Destroyed buildings can still be seen on the streets nowadays.

Horse ride in the gorge

If you like horses, you must ride in the gorge. The price only 15 USD for 1 and a half hour.  And you will able to discover the very beautiful places sitting on the back these gorgeous animals.

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